With over 200 members, the Northern Illinois Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (NIEAPA) is one of the largest and most active in the world. For more information about the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, go to www.eapassn.org.

What are the By-Laws of the NIEAPA Chapter?

What are the Policies & Procedures of the NIEAPA Chapter?

NIEAPA also follows the EAPA Code of Ethics and supports the Core Technologies.

NIEAPA Mission Statement

NIEAPA is dedicated to the advocacy for and promotion of Employee Assistance and other workplace-based behavioral health, substance abuse and organizational consultation services. Emphasizing EAPA’s core technologies, NIEAPA offers educational and career development opportunities for members of the EAP profession, as well as for mental health, human resources, and substance abuse treatment providers.

What's New?

Please check out our new Job Postings page to see current EAP and EAP-related employment opportunities OR fill in the online form here with instructions to place your company’s job listings on this web site.

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